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Senior Care in Star, ID

Interactive Senior Care in Star, ID by Comfort Keepers of Boise, ID

Our highly skilled professional caregivers, whom we refer to as Comfort Keepers, like to take every opportunity during their day -to-day senior care services to interact with their clients. They like to engage their clients in meaningful conversation and activities that are designed to improve and enrich their lives. Their goal is to encourage and even join seniors in activities that challenge them mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. We call our particular form of senior care, “Interactive Caregiving”, as we do more than just provide typical care services, we build relationships with our clients and provide companionship to those who might otherwise spend too much time alone.

Interactive Senior Care that Helps in Star, IDSenior care services in Star, ID

At Comfort Keepers of Boise, ID, we believe our interactive senior care is a major contributor to the mental and physical health and well-being of the seniors entrusted to our care. Our interactive caregiving has been shown to contribute to a longer and more purposeful life. Research studies have shown that seniors who are included in their own care and allowed to assist at a level consistent with their abilities enjoy a number of health benefits.

Our Caregivers Make Senior Care in Star, ID Fun

No one wants to spend the bulk of their golden years sitting at home with nothing to do while letting a caregiver do all the work. With this in mind, our caregivers love to include their clients in as many activities, both in the home and out of the home, as possible to keep them mentally and physically active. Among the many things our caregivers and their clients can do together are:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Going for walks
  • Going to senior social events
  • Cooking nutritious meals
  • Reminiscing about the “good old days” over family photo albums
  • Discussing local news and current events
  • Hobbies, crafts, puzzles
  • Going to church
  • Dancing


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