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Elder Care Professionals Talk About When Driving May Be Unsafe For Your Beloved Senior

Oct 16, 2018 by Tammara LaCasse

You may, at some point, start to question whether your loved one is able to drive safely on the road. Of course, you do not want to strip them of their independence, but you also want to know they are okay and not a danger to themselves or anyone else. Elder care professionals recommend that you approach the situation calmly and cautiously so that your senior does not become upset.

Below, our elder care team will provide you with some things to think about and consider as you assess your loved one’s ability to drive.

  • Is your senior afraid to drive at night or alone? This could indicate that they are having a difficult time seeing or they may be confused about their surroundings
  • Do you notice that your loved one has a difficult time reacting to traffic lights or have you noticed that their reaction time is slowed?
  • Check in with the local neighbors and friends to find out if they have noticed any changes in the way your loved one drives?
  • Does your senior remain aware of their surroundings the entire time they are in control of the vehicle? Do you notice that they ride too close to the center line or drift in and out of the lane?
  • Have you noticed any questionable driving? Elder care experts would consider this to be running yellow lights more often, tailgating, and aggressive maneuvers
  • Walk around their vehicle and check for any signs of dings or damage that is recent or caused by driving mishaps

Your loved one may have trouble driving as he or she ages. It is important to work closely with their elder care provider to keep track of their performance as they do drive. If you would like to learn more about our services, now is the time to call Comfort Keepers – we’re here to help your loved one remain independent and safe.

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