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Caregivers Talk About The Home Adaptions You Can Make For Your Visually Impaired Senior

Aug 13, 2018 by Tammara LaCasse

Within the senior population, vision loss and eye diseases are beginning to pop up and they are more common now than before. With that said, seniors can live in their home independently, even if they do suffer from vision loss, especially with the help of caregivers. There are some simple adaptions that you can make to your senior’s home life that will allow them to live with little to no risk. Caregivers warn that one of the biggest concerns with a senior living alone with vision loss is their risk of falls.

Unfortunately, falls are one of the most common reasons that seniors visit the hospital and it is no surprise that a simple fall can seriously injure your loved one. Because of this, caregivers have provided some simple adaptions you can make to your loved one’s home below.

  • Make sure that your loved one’s home has the proper lighting
  • Do make sure that the furniture in their home does not extend out into the walkways or hallways and make sure all dining room chairs are pushed in after use
  • Remove any hazards near walkways so that your loved one does not trip
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom and in other areas of the home where railings may be needed
  • Remove and replace any worn, wrinkled, or old carpets and rugs
  • Make use of brightly colored tape to show your loved one where the doorways, edges of ramps, and stair steps are
  • Use non-skid flooring or clean your loved one’s floors with a non-skid product

If you would like to learn more about how our caregivers can help your loved one or you would like to have a free fall risk assessment performed in your loved one’s home, call Comfort Keepers today.


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