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Home Care Teams Provide Quality Care Through Technology

Jul 17, 2018 by Tammara LaCasse

Here at Comfort Keepers in Boise, ID, we know how important it is for your loved one to remain active in their life and that is why we have introduced the Comfort Keepers grandPad. This state of the art technology allows your loved one the ability to connect with friends and family, play games, listen to music, and stay abreast of current events in the area. Our home care team is ready to help your loved one learn the tablet and make use of it in their daily life.

Our care team views technology as a gateway and not as a hinderance. In fact, technology can allow your loved one to improve their quality of life. All of the available apps on the grandPad are easy to use and your senior will be able to make video calls, take photos, and play games easily.

Researchers have uncovered that social isolation is harmful to senior’s physical and mental health. Home care experts have explored studies that show isolated seniors have higher blood pressure than their peers that are socially active and that their overall health is poorer.

It is important to keep in mind that mental loneliness and the feeling of loneliness is just as damaging as physically being lonely. In fact, studies have showed that seniors who do feel lonely experience early death and dementia at higher rates. The home care team here at Comfort Keepers knows that it is vital for your loved one to stay engaged in the world around them and that is why we have worked very hard to introduce our Interactive Caregiving philosophy.

Social isolation and loneliness can lead to serious health conditions and may make certain health conditions much worse such as heart disease, diabetes, and COPD. If you would like to learn more about our grandPad or about our home care services, now is the time to call us

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