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Dementia Care and Diabetes Management Through The Holiday Season

Nov 17, 2017 by Tammara LaCasse

Older seniors who suffer from dementia and have diabetes can benefit from coordinated dementia care and planning for the holiday season. Unfortunately, the holiday season can be filled with fatty and delicious foods, excitement, and a rearrangement of schedules. It can be very hectic, and this can mean that those seniors who do have diabetes suffer from uncontrolled blood sugar levels, overindulgence, and weight gain. While this can be a reality, it does not have to be. In honor of American Diabetes Month, our dementia care specialists have provided you with a list of diabetes management tips that can help your loved one.

Get Rest

It can be difficult to receive rest, especially with the holidays close by, but all seniors do need rest. Seniors who are sleep deprived cannot maintain their blood sugar levels and this can have devastating effects later on down the road. All seniors should receive a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Seniors who receive dementia care and have diabetes should limit how much alcohol they consume. Seniors with memory loss should not overindulge in alcohol, as it can alter their state of mind. In addition, alcohol on an empty stomach can lead to lower blood sugar levels in diabetic seniors. If your loved one does want to consume alcohol, he or she should only have one or two drinks at most and pair their alcohol with food.

Exercise is Important

Even though Thanksgiving is about to be upon us, it is vital that your loved one still exercise. Diabetic seniors can benefit from exercise as it helps to stabilize their blood sugar. Some of the best exercises include walking on the treadmill, tai-chi, yoga, and even swimming.

Dementia care and diabetes do not have to limit the way your loved one enjoys the holidays. With a plan in place and an understanding of how to manage the diabetes, you and your loved one can enjoy the holiday season. 

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